Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The Gallery - Photography Resolutions

The theme for the Gallery this week is "Photography Resolutions". There couldn't be a better theme to suit me this week because setting photography resolutions has been what my week has been about!
I love taking photos and am constantly whipping out my phone to take a quick snap. This month I have done what I've been promising myself I'll do for ages, I've added a new member to the family.

Meet Bailey!

Bailey is a real life proper camera, by far the best camera I've owned and together we have plans. I've been desperate to explore photography more, to take the time to really enjoy and capture the simple and beautiful things around me. With George growing up so fast having a "proper" camera is a must for me. I don't want to miss a thing, not one expression, not one outing. 

2012 has been a year of firsts for me already and I have much planned but above everything 2012 is the year of my putting myself first for a change. I'm determined to enjoy a hobby that I know I will get a lot out of.

So, my photography resolution.... get to know Bailey better and to spend some quality time with him, because I want to!


Claire @ Bad Fiction said...

Ohhh enjoy getting to know Bailey!

Funky Wellies said...

I love your take on the theme. Good luck with your adventures with Bailey!!

Erica Price said...

Oh well done on getting Bailey. I could do with getting a Bailey too as most of my photos are taken on my phone.

bluebirdsunshine said...

Oh, nice camera! Good luck playing with Bailey this year, I bet you're going to have a great friendship by the end of the year :)

Herding Cats said...

Bailey looks very handsome, I hope it's the start of a beautiful relationship.

Unknown said...

Bailey looks like a very nice camera indeed! Enjoy!

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