Monday, 23 January 2012

Spanish Stray Dogs - and Precious Parcels

What's it all about?
Spanish Stray Dogs is a non-profit organisation formed by Amee Townsend and although they are not a registered charity nor an official registered organisation, they are simply a group of people working together to help abandoned animals and to promote animal welfare.

"Although it was once upon a time just me SSD are now a very happy international team of like-minded humans who just love dogs.  And we just try our hardest to help where help is needed whether its helping the dogs that are waiting in the Spanish killing stations or helping to free beagles that are locked in laboratories.  Helping dogs is what we live for".
Amee Townsend 

Their Main Aims:

  • To re-home abandoned cats and dogs from Los Barrios animal shelter, Spain. (Currently they have 120 dogs that have been abandoned)
  • To assist with fund-raising to keep the shelter in the hands of the voluntary sector.
  • To assist in the day to day running of the shelter.
  • To promote good animal welfare.
  • To promote the importance of neutering and spraying pets

How they achieve this:

  • By publicising abandoned dogs on social media
  • Working closely with their partnered organisations by publicising dogs by all means possible overseas and locally.
  • By running media and Facebook campaigns to raise funds
  • Recruiting volunteers
  • Funding & purchasing items required for the shelter.
  • Escorting dogs to/from vets, airports, other shelters, foster homes.
  • By negotiating special rates with local vets regarding neutering.
  • Giving advice to potential owners or existing owners regarding pet welfare.
  • Carrying out home checks on potential adopters and foster parents.                                     
They also help with the Beagle Freedom Project and so far this year, they helped to send 40 Beagles to Los Angeles:  See more here
They then sent 3 more at the beginning of this month: What a difference it makes - watch more here!

Why we're supporting them 
I saw a friend's link on Facebook that caught my eye, I saw some dogs that captured my heart and now I cannot turn my back on them. Yes!... they're miles away, believe me I wish they were closer but they're not. A poor homeless dog in Spain is no less important than a poor homeless dog in the UK to me. If a local charity had caught my eye first then I'd probably be helping them instead, but they didn't. So now I am doing everything I can to help these amazing volunteers and more importantly, the dogs. All these abandoned pups want is someone to love them and look after them just like your own pets do.
Without the volunteers that care for them every single day and the kind people who donate food, money, medicines and blankets and the people who organise their campaigns, these little chaps would never have the chance to wag their tails! So that's why we're supporting Spanish Stray Dogs.

Our trip to the shelter 
Now, I'm not one to do something half-heartedly and I think it's only right that I meet some of the wonderful volunteers who are doing an amazing job looking after and trying to rehome these dogs. Not to mention how much I want to meet the dogs and give every single one a great big cuddle. 
So the flights are booked! Myself and my very good friend and colleague Sarah are leaving on Friday 27th January to go and help for a couple of days.

How can YOU help?

  • A donation would be amazing no matter how small. Just £4 is enough for a large bag of dog food. 
  • Donations can be sent via Paypal to: 
  • 100% of all donations will go to Spanish Stray Dogs.
  • These payments are received by Andy Baker ( 
  • Andy is one of the volunteers who not only helps look after the dogs but does a huge amount of campaign work, radio interviews and anything else he can to raise awareness. I'm very much looking forward to meeting him next week. If you're interested in adopting one of their dogs, Andy is the man to contact. 
  • If you're unable to donate, sharing a link is better than doing nothing and still hugely appreciated so please add Spanish Stray Dogs as a friend on Facebook, help spread the word, and share their photos. Even if you aren't in a position to adopt a dog, someone further down the line might be! :) 

  • Again, donations are vital. The shelter is totally dependant on donations to feed and care for these dogs. If anything at the shelter needs fixing, replacing or improving it simply cannot be done if the donations aren't coming in.
  • Sponsor our trip!... 
  • Make a donation to Spanish Stray Dogs of £50 or more to become one of our sponsors. As one of our trip sponsors we'll ensure you are mentioned and promoted in our post-trip write ups. Our write ups will appear on our website, our blog, as well as a few other blogs. With your logo and a link to your website. 
  • You'll also be promoted on the Precious Parcels facebook page, mentioned on Spanish Stray Dogs and promoted on a number of Twitter accounts.
  • But most of all... you'll feel fantastic knowing you have made a real difference to the lives of these dogs. 100% of all donations will go to Spanish Stray Dogs.
If you would like to be one of our trip sponsors please email

We recently had a small sale and raised £170 for them. Thank you to all our customers who bought something and made this possible. We hope to have many more!

                                                          Only 4 days to the trip!!....


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