Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Gallery - Friends!

I've known Sarah since I was 2 years old when our parents became neighbours.
Growing up Sarah was nothing short of a sister figure and we literally went everywhere together!
Most of my childhood memories; the bike rides, the party videos and the sleepovers were all about me and Sarah.

In our teens we drifted apart as many friends do. We were in different years at school so made new friends and both moved out of our family homes to different areas.
 When I was pregnant 5 years ago we got back in touch and virtually picked up where we left off, only this time instead of being kids, we were looking after our own 
and chatting over a cuppa (far too grown up but just as fun as when we were kids ourselves). It’s been really nice getting to know Sarah again and finding out what she’s been up to during the years since we lost touch. 

When I needed an extra pair of hands at Precious Parcels around 3 years ago, Sarah stepped up and I’m happy to say is still doing work for us now.  She works blooming hard and does a great job! The best part about Sarah helping out at PP is that we have regular catch ups while getting covered in paint.
She’s such an amazing friend and still very much like a sister to me. As many of you know, I recently visited a doggy shelter in Spain and despite Sarah initially thinking I’d lost the plot she didn't hesitate when I asked her to go with me. We had a fantastic 4 days together and I’ll always be so grateful to her for coming with me. 
I've known Sarah for 30 years now and I look forward to our next 30years of friendship.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Dear So and So: 24th Feb

Dear So and So...

Dear Nicki
It's the weeekend (nearly)! See you tomorrow chuckie egg!
Love her who thinks it has been too long x

Dear Maggi
How does it already feel like you've been part of the family forever?
George adores you, 

I adore you!
And you fit in perfectly!
We are so happy we were able to adopt you!

Dear Chinese Takeaway,
It is with regret that I must inform you that I will not be with you this weekend.
It's not that I have fallen out of love with you, and I'm sure that by Saturday I will be craving your oresence on our table, 
It's just that I have a friend staying for the weekend and she's being all healthy and stuff.
(I know, right? She doesn't believe me when I tell her you are calorie free).
Her who will be in Sunday as soon as her butt hits the return train seat x

Dear Postman
Yes, we have a doggy now! Fortunately for you she's adorable, friendly and isn't interested in what's in your bag.
Not yet anyway! Boohahaha!!
Her who loves the confused look on the postman's face when he doesn't know how to open our new dog-proof gate :) 

Dear George
Because I said so,
Because I said so,
Because I said so,
Because I said so,
Now stop answering everything with "Why?".
Love Mummy (who believes she may have a mini teenager already).

Dear Readers,
What a busy week!
As always, thank you for your orders!

Sale Sunday has been a rip roaring success so far and I hope to see you all back on the FB page this Sunday 10am- 10pm for more bargains!
Have a great weekend
Nat x

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Simply gorgeous!

The range of handmade treats and gifts we offer has grown steadily over the past few years. We offer everything from teddies, trains and planes on plaques, ribbons, bows and twine, two tier plaques, three plaques and more. A vast range indeed and all very popular.
We are finding at the moment however that these Kid's Room Plaques, gorgeous in their simplicity, are becoming increasingly sought after; indeed they are flying off the shelves!

Available in 4 different colours and with your own personalisation, this popular plaques measure approx 15cm x 10cm and are just £6.95!

If your child's bedroom or playroom is full of different designs and shapes then why not go for something simple and attractive in blocks of colour? It's easy to see why they are so popular!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Gallery - Landscapes

Anyone who knows me will already know that so far 2012 has been an amazing rollercoaster (with more ups than downs thankfully!). At the end of January I went to visit the base of operations for the Spanish Stray Dogs in Spain. I have always had a soft spot for dogs, working at kennels when I was younger and I was lucky growing up to have the most beautiful and kind  family dog named Brin. What I saw over there was both heart-warming and appalling at the same time.
Spain, as you can see has many beautiful areas but as with all places has it's not so nice element and that became obvious when my friend Sarah and I witnessed some of the appalling conditions some of the dogs had obviously been left in, not to mention the cruelty they suffered.

On the upside, we had a fantastic opportunity to see the amazing work the Spanish Stray Dogs do in rescuing and re homing these dogs and as a consequence of it all... we now have a new addition to our family... Maggi, who we have adopted  from Spain.

This landscape photo will always look beautiful to me but will also remind me of the sad things we saw. It's true that photographs can be powerful things!

Friday, 17 February 2012

Dear So and So - 17/2/12

Dear So and So...

Dear George
Please stop growing!
Seriously child, every time I turn around you seem to have gained a few centimeters.
This means you are getting older and you know I'm not ready for that so please, stop it.
Love Mummy x

Dear George 
This growth spurt, the one you will be stopping (see above).
Is this what is causing you to need food constantly??
Honestly boy, I am just going to give you a nose bag if this continues, it's easier than popping back and forth to and from the kitchen every three minutes.
Love Mummy whose legs are getting shorter with all the walking which makes you look taller... argh!

Dear George.
Dude, you come out with some crackers.
You are funny, clever, sweet...!
I love you more than anything in the whole wide world.
Touch my chocolate again and there will be trouble.
Her who doesn't care if you found my Galaxy bar "scrummy"

Dear Nicki
Nearly the weekend (next weekend, not this weekend!)
Looking forward to seeing you.
Hopefully this time I'll get more sleep though, you gas bag! 
See you soonish!
Love Nat x

Dear Sainsbury.
I like the Nectar card scheme, pretty cool as far as loyalty schemes go.
Now, you know that George eats a lot, that he is growing so I'm constantly buying new clothes for him and that I need my weekly Baileys and Galaxy fix?
Well, big money off vouchers would be better.
Have a think about it and get back to me yeah?
Cool! I'll wait for your call!
Her who won't hold her breath x

Dear Readers.
Have a wicked weekend all!
Me x

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Popular plates

We did a feature last year on our Christmas plates and they proved to be more popular that we could have ever expected!

So, we thought we'd share our less festive plates to all our plate lovers!
All of the plates are hand painted, 23cm in diameter and are personalised with your own words and numbers.
For new babies, christenings, special events and for personalising a child's room with something a bit different these plates are just perfect!

At £19.95 these plates really are a fantastic home or gift idea.

* P&P is £1.95 or order, regardless of it's size.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Sale Sundays

It's Valentine's Day but instead of hearts and flowers we are giving you what you really want... a bargain!
Over the past month or so we have run flash sales on the Facebook page and they have been extremely popular! We've decided then to give you what you want and from this weekend Sunday will be sale day.

From 10am -10pm every Sunday pop along to the Facebook page and find the Sale tab on the left hand side. Grab yourself a bargain!

Of course if you fancy something different to what is included in the sale, then pop along to the website and enjoy browsing the full range.

Don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to receive reminders about the sale and sign up to the newsletter so that you can be sure to get an invitation to any special events!

Friday, 10 February 2012

Dear So and So - 10/2/12

Dear So and So...

Dear Weekend
Don't you realise I've been waiting for you since Monday morning
Tardiness is not appreciated, make sure this doesn't happen again next week!
Her who is so ready for this weekend.

Dear Snow.
You can be really quite pretty. 
Me and Bailey (the camera!) think you are great for clever shots,
George thinks you are fun.
Just have to ask.....
Do you have to be so blinking cold though??

Dear everyone on my Twitter, FB, phone.....
Thanks so much for putting up with my 101 posts about Bingo Power.
The great news is.... you all cracked it!
1000 likes later and there is a cheque for 1000Euros on the way the the Spanish Stray Dogs.
That is a lot of dog food!
You are all blinking wonderful!
Love Me x

Dear George
Don't get me wrong. I am all for the convenience snacks.
However, coco pops in my bed?
Crunchy tasty chocolate pops that make like sand and get everywhere...
NOT so good!
Mummy x

Dear Sainsburys
Fab offers on at the moment, fab!! In fact I bought 4 bars of galaxy last night, 2 packs of the triple choc biscuits and another bottle of Baileys!
Fruit!!!! Put offers on the fruit!!! 
(I'm joking!... Pleeeease keep the galaxy offer until after the weekend)
Her who will be popping another pair of jeans in the trolley (next size up!) :)

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Gallery, a family story

The Gallery theme this week is "A Family Story". This photo is actually less of a story but more about the fond memories that the picture invokes. The photo was taken in my Nana's garden. I must've been 2 years old. I'm sat on my Uncle Tim's knee. My Dad is sat at the front on the grass (looking all young and handsome).
Now although I don't remember this moment it brings back a hundred memories in an instant!...
My Grandad used to grow onions and lay them on the path to dry once they'd grown. I used to sit and peel the skins off them! Not helpful but it must've been fun.
My Dad and Tim were and still are fans of gadgets! I'd bet a fiver that this photo wasn't taken by my mum or an Aunty!... Most likely on a tripod using self-timer.
The old man next door was a lovely chap. One of those who passed us the frisbee back EVERY time it went over his hedge, without moaning.
I could go on but I won't. I love this photo. It's one of very few I have of me and my Dad when I was young.

Our memories are what we base the family stories on that we pass on to our own children so I suppose this is about a family story after all.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Personalised bunting

When decorating a child's bedroom it is important to add the personal touches, photographs, favourite toys and teddies on display and something individual that puts the child's stamp on the room.
Many children have had their Mums and Dads leave us feedback saying how much they love their new personalised bunting. Available in five different designs it really is possible to have an individual piece to brighten up a wall.

There really is something for everyone!

This gorgeous reinforced fabric bunting has letters measuring approximately 13cm high. Prices start from £8.25 for three letters. Visit the website for further price and personalisation information.

You can see why the kids love it!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

A video that speaks for itself

As many of you know, last weekend I flew to Gibraltar and visited a dog shelter in Los Barrios, Southern Spain.

The experience was truly amazing and I am already planning a return visit in March.
I could write reams about my experience but I just wanted to show you the video that sums up the trip.
I think it speaks for itself.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Kid's party season again!

There seemed to be something of a lull over Christmas and New Year but now the invites are hitting the mat again. Yes, the children's birthday parties have returned.
Kid's parties are great but finding an affordable gift (important when there are so many parties!) that no-one else has bought isn't the easiest of tasks, especially if everyone shops locally!
Why not opt for a personalised gift that is reasonably priced and will be different to everyone else's presents?

These gardening kits were very popular last year and with spring fast approaching, they are starting to fly out again. 
For just £7.95 each garden kit includes a rake, trowel, spade, a personalised wooden shape and a cotton bag with a unique design measuring 21 x 26cm. Available in pink or green they are great for girls and boys alike who enjoy helping in the garden.

If the child you are buying for prefers indoor fun, why not opt for one of our fantastic baking kits?
Available in four different colours, each baking kit includes a rolling pin, wooden spoon, pastry brush, spatula, a chopping board, 25 cake cases, a personalised wooden star and a cotton bag with a cupcake design that measures 21cm x 26cm.
These great kits are just £7.95

A firm favourite with many of our kids are the personalised clocks. These are a great gift for children who are learning or have learnt to tell the time. Available in different colours and designs this is great personalised gift choice. Each clock is £12.95.

These are just a few examples of the great personalised gifts we have that are perfect for children's parties so have a browse and see if anything else catches your eye.

We only charge £1.95 for p&p, regardless of the size of the order, so it could be worth stocking up!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Gorgeous soft furnishings

Every child's room is different. Not all rooms are suited for bunting or wall art, sometimes the personal touch can be found in the soft furnishings. These personalised gingham cushions fit the bill perfectly.

Exclusive to Precious Parcel's these handmade cushions are perfect for beds or chairs and being available in a variety of colours they will suit any existing decor.

These *personalised gingham cushions come ready-stuffed using quality polyester wadding and measure approximately 35cm x 35cm. Please be aware that these cushions are sponge clean only.
£18.95 each

*During busy periods these cushions can take 14-21 days to arrive.

Similar items available from Precious Parcels include:

These beautiful handmade hanging houses measure 16cm x 13cm, hang with matching gingham ribbon and cost just £6.95 each.

These personalised handmade toothfairy cushions have been very popular. Measuring 10cm x 10cm with a little pocket and wooden button these cushions make a great keepsake after the toothfairy has stopped visiting!
Each cushion is embroidered with "______'s tooth".
Each cushion costs £7.95

Last but not least these spotty padded hearts which come in three different colours make great accessories. 
At just £2.95 each they are very affordable and very pretty!

Treat yourself to something soft this month, we have plenty to choose from!