Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Gallery: Extreme close ups

Name: Trumpy
Age: 11 months
Likes: Carrots, grass and fingers
Dislikes: Apple, guinea pig food and going back in my cage
Shares a house with: Frank (the good guinea pig)
Aims in life: To chew another live cable and see if I’m as lucky again!

 An extreme close up of one of the animals in our mini zoo!

Monday, 26 March 2012

New products!

While all of you have been sunning yourselves all weekend, I have been chained to my desk, working and coming up with some fantastic new designs (even if I do say so myself). 
Ok, I may have escaped for the odd hour or two, and for a lovely Sunday dinner out at my parents but needless to say, I have been busy!

Our clocks are our best-seller with adults and children alike loving the clean and personalised designs so we've updated the range to include some new clocks for you to choose from...

New colours and shapes but with the same price of £12.95 each.
Each clock measures approx 23cm and is ready for your personalisation.

Seeing as I was on a roll, I thought I'd add another new item which people are already ordering fast (these only hit the website yesterday afternoon!).

These hanging hearts which measure approximately 40cm from top to bottom and make great gifts for new babies, nurseries and children's rooms are just £7.95 each.
If you are looking for something new for your child's room or for a gift we have plenty here to choose from!

Friday, 23 March 2012

Dear So and So - March 23rd

Dear So and So...

Dear IPhone
My upgrade is due and I can feel you getting anxious. Yes, ordinarily upgrade time is a chance to shove the piece of crap you've been using to the back of the junk drawer and await your shiny new advanced technology stunner!
Well not this time my little genius. You continue to impress me, you're so useful, clever, good looking, loyal and fun that I'm going to keep you! Granted you might be replaced with a shiny, less abused cousin of yours but it's iPhone all the way for me!
Thank you Apple!
Geekette x

Dear Sainsburys customers
You know when I've done my shopping and I'm walking back to the car and I turn to see a car behind me trying to get past... Do you know what I do??...
I MOVE OUT THE WAY!! 1) It stops the driver getting annoyed 2) It stops me getting ran over!
Pleeeease do the same. When you stroll slowly up the middle of the car park it REALLY gets my back up. When you turn around, see I'm trying to drive past you, yet continue at snail speed in the middle of the road I actually get tempted to clout you with a French stick.
Friendly shopper lady.

Dear Sunshine
Hey buddy, what took ya!? ;)
Cheers for the early morning rays this week, you make my morning walk look so pretty. Running a bit late this morning I see! Come on dude, up you get. Meet you in the woods in an hour!
Love little Miss Sun-Worshiper.

Dear weekend
Ooh have I got some fun planned for you or what! Thought you were gonna take it easy did you?? *does evil laugh* You'll be glad when Monday's here for a rest. *does another evil laugh* Her who's so ready for this weekend and is gonna make every second count.
(no more evil laughs I promise)

Dear customers
You REALLY don't want to miss our Sunday Facebook Sale this week, it's looking hot hot hot!
Kindest regards
The bargain master!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Meet Pirata!

Many of you already know that I am a keen advocate for the Spanish Stray Dogs. Earlier in the year I visited their base in Spain with a friend Sarah and fell in love with the whole set up.
Basically the Spanish Stray Dogs take in dumped or stray dogs, care for them, feed them (thanks only to donations) and arrange for them to be adopted.

It is through these fantastic and selfless folks that I met and adopted our dog Maggi who is very much a part our family.

Pirata is a very friendly young dog, strong and full of life! He loves to run and play. He is 3yrs old, 25kg and 56cm high and needs a forever home.
Pirata has been at the Los Barrios shelter too long and is desperate for someone to take him home and love him. I would bring him home myself but having Maggi, Boo the cat, Frank & Trumpy the guinea pigs and of course George the monkey (my son!), it could be a bit crowded!

It costs 450Euros to adopt into the UK an this includes castration, microchip, passport, all vaccinations, blood tests, de-worming and flea treatments.

If you want to ask me any questions about how I found the process please
get in touch or email 

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Alternative Easter gifts

Not long ago we were popping open bottles of bubbly celebrating the New Year and now we are just a step away from Easter! The supermarkets are full of chocolate and fluffy yellow chicks and plans are being made for the school holidays (assuming the British weather plays ball!).

Easter means different things to different families. For some it is a religious weekend with significant meaning and for others it is an opportunity to eat chocolate. Some families enjoy both sides of Easter.

What we have heard over the past few years is that when it comes to Easter-time people are looking for more original gifts, either because other family members already buy Easter eggs and the like or because they just fancy a change.

Here at Precious Parcels we offer a huge range of handmade gifts and treats and some are just absolutely ideal as alternative gifts for Easter.

These gorgeous personalised wooden stars can have any wording you like so are great as an alternative gift. At just £3.95 each they are considerably cheaper than a commercial Easter egg off the supermarket shelves!

These fantastic baking kits, available in 4 different colours make a brilliant alternative Easter gift and are great for doing some Easter baking! Each kit is just £7.95

These kid's room plaques, at £6.95 each make great personalised gift and are perfect for all ages.

Just in time for spring planting these very popular gardening kits are flying off the shelves! At just £7.95 each they are another great alternative gift choice.

There is nothing wrong with chocolate at Easter (who doesn't like chocolate?!) but for anyone looking for an alternative gift these, and more on the website, really fit the bill. 

Friday, 16 March 2012

Dear So and So

Dear So and So...
Dear this week...
Ok, busy is fine, but running around like a headless chicken is not a good luck.
Next week we'll go for just plain old busy.
When it's crazy busy I have to eat chocolate to keep me going.
It's costing me a fortune.
See what you can do eh?
Her who looks like a bar of Galaxy.

Dear All
This week I've done my first home visit for the Spanish Stray Dogs and as a result have found a lovely new home for a dog in need.
If you think adopting a dog desperately in need is something you might be interested get in touch for some more info. I'm very glad that I did, Maggi, our dog is very much a part of our lives now and is much loved.
Nat x

Dear George
Enjoy your first swimming lesson little fish!
I can't believe you are old enough already to start classes.
I have a sneaking feeling that if I close my eyes you'll be doing your exams when I open them.
Love Mummy who is realising her little man won't stay little forever.

Dear Body.
I know the song.."The leg bones is connected to the hip bone....".
I know it well.
I think we have run the whole song twice already now with aches and pains included so lets change the music now.
Her who is sick of aches, pains, colds......

Dear Spring
Stop teasing.
It's bright.
It's dull.
Its's bright....
Made your blinking mind up.
Her who is desperate for some rays! x

Dear Readers
Thanks again for popping along!
Have a great weekend all!
Love Nat x

Thursday, 15 March 2012

The weekend

The weekend... I do love the weekend, it is that magical time when you can choose what you do. For some it is time to catch up on the housework and hit the Sky+to see what TV shows they missed during the week, for others it's getting up and getting out, either with the kids or just by themselves. I have a friend who absolutely refuses to get out of her pajamas for one day of the weekend, it is her well deserved kickback time.

For me it's a mixture. I tend not to be painting unless it's one of those very busy weeks. I wear sloppy clothes and roll about with G and the dog, enjoy walks out in the fresh air and generally eat too much.. I may or not run around doing housework *ahem*.

One recent addition to my weekend is Sale Sunday. On the Facebook page between 10am and 10pm a sales tab appears on the left hand side (not visible on mobile apps, best viewed on a pc or laptop). During the sales you have the opportunity to buy whatever I've selected for that week at a reduced price. Looking at the level of sales during the past few weeks I'd say some people spend Sunday online shopping!

If you have any queries about the Sunday sales do let me know.

So, this weekend it will be walking in the sunshine that WILL appear on demand first thing Saturday morning, probably lunch out and visiting family (don't forget it's Mother's Day folks!), plenty of fun and cuddles with G, some "me" time with Mr Baileys and Mr Galaxy and of course putting together this week's Sale Sunday items!

What will you be doing with your weekend? Whatever it is I hope you have a good one!

Nat x

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The softer touch

As you'll know if you've spent any time on Precious Parcels, we sell a whole range of plaques, canvases and home decorations. We also have some lovely soft items and increasingly popular are the personalised gingham cushions.

Theses gorgeous cushions come in a range of colours and styles and are perfect to decorate a bed, a chair or just to cuddle up with! Exclusive to Precious Parcels these gorgeous soft furnishings are the much sought after.

Each cushion is priced at £18.95 and measures 35cm x 35cm. They are ready filled are are for sponge cleaning only.

As these lovely personalised items are handmade they can take 14-21 days to be delivered during busy periods. 

Why not treat your little one, or one of their friends to a special cushion that is just for them? I'm sure it would be much loved.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Spring has finally arrived!

There has been sunshine, there is blossom on the trees, the daffodils, crocuses and snowdrops are up.... it is most definitely spring!

With spring comes a new start, new hope and in our house, new plants! G loves to plant things and this year we are maybe going to try and be a bit more adventurous and try and grow something other than herbs.

If your little one loves the garden or has spring-time birthday parties to go to these are the perfect gift.

Available in pink or green these gardening kits include:
A cotton bag with a unique design (21 x 26cm)
Personalised wooden shape.

 I'm sure the little ones in your life will be able to help you grow something lovely!

The personalised garden kits are just £7.95 each.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The Gallery - Light

I captured this moment yesterday morning to remind me how I felt at that exact moment....
Happy, appreciative and very much myself. 

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Something for everyone!

We appreciate how difficult it can be to find gifts for people of all ages. In the past we ourselves have spent hours hopping from site to site looking for something suitable and it can be frustrating. Precious Parcels can take that frustration away as we don't just offer items for babies and children but have something for everyone.

For Grandma / Nan / Gran.....
This lovely "When I need cuddles" plaque, which is also listed in blue as well as this gorgeous green is £8.95 and a very sweet and personalised gift for Grandma.

For Grandad / Pops / Grandpa.......
This lovely plaque from the "For him" section can be personalised to say anything you like and is just the right colour for a cheeky, funny or sweet gift for the older gentleman in your life. Just £5.95.

Something for Mum (Mother's Day is approaching!).....
This "Home Sweet Home" plaque makes a gorgeous gift which fits in with any colour scheme and is a lovely gift for the lady of the house. £7.95

What about Daddy?
Dads love our Poem Parcels! A token that says "We love you!". Each little parcel has a printed verse which tells Daddy or Dad how special they are. Each parcel costs £4.95.

The teen....
Notoriously difficult to buy for,why not choose a message that is personal to your Teen (You'd be surprised how many "Keep OUT!" plaques we have done!).
These personalised kid's plaques are just £6.95 each and the bolder colours are perfect for a teen.

The younger child will love....
..our personalised clocks, available in a variety of colours are firm favourites with younger children. At £12.95 each they make a great addition to any bedroom or playroom.

And last but not least, the babies!
We have a range of gorgeous plates ready for your personalisation. Whether it is for a christening, to say "welcome to the world" or just as a pretty personalised gift for the new nursery this range of plates has something for you.£19.95 each.

Here at Precious Parcels we have something for everyone, enjoy browsing the website to find that perfect gift for your special person.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Dear So and So - 2/3/12

Dear So and So...

Dear Calendar
You've hit March at last! This means it's spring right?
I have actually had the sunglasses on already so I'm guessing that the weatherman has got it wrong.

Clearly it will not be snowing again soon.
Do me a favour and update his calendar for him!?
Her who needs some rays! x

Dear Nicki
I was lovely having you here last weekend.
I'm sorry I have taken the mick about you falling down the stairs (where you were sober - snort!).
I won't do it again, honest.
Her who is sincerely apologetic and is glad you aren't broken x
PS Boom Boom Boom Splat x

Dear Maggi and George
I had an inkling you two would hit it off but I didn't think you'd be such good friends so soon!
It makes me a very happy Mummy!

Dear Boo, Frank and Trumpy
I am still your Mummy too.
I promise I won't be moving in any more animals into your territory.
Love her who loves her cuddly creatures and might be running a mini zoo x

Dear ignorant people
I have a dog.
I have had a dog before.
I used to work in boarding kennels.
If I had a quid for every turd I'd scooped up I’d be rich. It’s not difficult!!
Why can’t you do it!???
Just wondering...
Her who hates irresponsible dog owners - scoop it people!

Dear Diet
Baileys and Galaxy have kidnapped me and have banned me from talking to you.
After being held hostage for so long I now identify with my kidnappers.
This means I agree with them and won't be contacting you again for some time.
Don't judge me.
Her who works damn hard so deserves a treat!

Dear readers
Have a wicked weekend folks!
Natalie x