Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Alternative Easter gifts

Not long ago we were popping open bottles of bubbly celebrating the New Year and now we are just a step away from Easter! The supermarkets are full of chocolate and fluffy yellow chicks and plans are being made for the school holidays (assuming the British weather plays ball!).

Easter means different things to different families. For some it is a religious weekend with significant meaning and for others it is an opportunity to eat chocolate. Some families enjoy both sides of Easter.

What we have heard over the past few years is that when it comes to Easter-time people are looking for more original gifts, either because other family members already buy Easter eggs and the like or because they just fancy a change.

Here at Precious Parcels we offer a huge range of handmade gifts and treats and some are just absolutely ideal as alternative gifts for Easter.

These gorgeous personalised wooden stars can have any wording you like so are great as an alternative gift. At just £3.95 each they are considerably cheaper than a commercial Easter egg off the supermarket shelves!

These fantastic baking kits, available in 4 different colours make a brilliant alternative Easter gift and are great for doing some Easter baking! Each kit is just £7.95

These kid's room plaques, at £6.95 each make great personalised gift and are perfect for all ages.

Just in time for spring planting these very popular gardening kits are flying off the shelves! At just £7.95 each they are another great alternative gift choice.

There is nothing wrong with chocolate at Easter (who doesn't like chocolate?!) but for anyone looking for an alternative gift these, and more on the website, really fit the bill. 


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