Friday, 23 March 2012

Dear So and So - March 23rd

Dear So and So...

Dear IPhone
My upgrade is due and I can feel you getting anxious. Yes, ordinarily upgrade time is a chance to shove the piece of crap you've been using to the back of the junk drawer and await your shiny new advanced technology stunner!
Well not this time my little genius. You continue to impress me, you're so useful, clever, good looking, loyal and fun that I'm going to keep you! Granted you might be replaced with a shiny, less abused cousin of yours but it's iPhone all the way for me!
Thank you Apple!
Geekette x

Dear Sainsburys customers
You know when I've done my shopping and I'm walking back to the car and I turn to see a car behind me trying to get past... Do you know what I do??...
I MOVE OUT THE WAY!! 1) It stops the driver getting annoyed 2) It stops me getting ran over!
Pleeeease do the same. When you stroll slowly up the middle of the car park it REALLY gets my back up. When you turn around, see I'm trying to drive past you, yet continue at snail speed in the middle of the road I actually get tempted to clout you with a French stick.
Friendly shopper lady.

Dear Sunshine
Hey buddy, what took ya!? ;)
Cheers for the early morning rays this week, you make my morning walk look so pretty. Running a bit late this morning I see! Come on dude, up you get. Meet you in the woods in an hour!
Love little Miss Sun-Worshiper.

Dear weekend
Ooh have I got some fun planned for you or what! Thought you were gonna take it easy did you?? *does evil laugh* You'll be glad when Monday's here for a rest. *does another evil laugh* Her who's so ready for this weekend and is gonna make every second count.
(no more evil laughs I promise)

Dear customers
You REALLY don't want to miss our Sunday Facebook Sale this week, it's looking hot hot hot!
Kindest regards
The bargain master!


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