Friday, 16 March 2012

Dear So and So

Dear So and So...
Dear this week...
Ok, busy is fine, but running around like a headless chicken is not a good luck.
Next week we'll go for just plain old busy.
When it's crazy busy I have to eat chocolate to keep me going.
It's costing me a fortune.
See what you can do eh?
Her who looks like a bar of Galaxy.

Dear All
This week I've done my first home visit for the Spanish Stray Dogs and as a result have found a lovely new home for a dog in need.
If you think adopting a dog desperately in need is something you might be interested get in touch for some more info. I'm very glad that I did, Maggi, our dog is very much a part of our lives now and is much loved.
Nat x

Dear George
Enjoy your first swimming lesson little fish!
I can't believe you are old enough already to start classes.
I have a sneaking feeling that if I close my eyes you'll be doing your exams when I open them.
Love Mummy who is realising her little man won't stay little forever.

Dear Body.
I know the song.."The leg bones is connected to the hip bone....".
I know it well.
I think we have run the whole song twice already now with aches and pains included so lets change the music now.
Her who is sick of aches, pains, colds......

Dear Spring
Stop teasing.
It's bright.
It's dull.
Its's bright....
Made your blinking mind up.
Her who is desperate for some rays! x

Dear Readers
Thanks again for popping along!
Have a great weekend all!
Love Nat x


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