Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The softer touch

As you'll know if you've spent any time on Precious Parcels, we sell a whole range of plaques, canvases and home decorations. We also have some lovely soft items and increasingly popular are the personalised gingham cushions.

Theses gorgeous cushions come in a range of colours and styles and are perfect to decorate a bed, a chair or just to cuddle up with! Exclusive to Precious Parcels these gorgeous soft furnishings are the much sought after.

Each cushion is priced at £18.95 and measures 35cm x 35cm. They are ready filled are are for sponge cleaning only.

As these lovely personalised items are handmade they can take 14-21 days to be delivered during busy periods. 

Why not treat your little one, or one of their friends to a special cushion that is just for them? I'm sure it would be much loved.


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