Thursday, 15 March 2012

The weekend

The weekend... I do love the weekend, it is that magical time when you can choose what you do. For some it is time to catch up on the housework and hit the Sky+to see what TV shows they missed during the week, for others it's getting up and getting out, either with the kids or just by themselves. I have a friend who absolutely refuses to get out of her pajamas for one day of the weekend, it is her well deserved kickback time.

For me it's a mixture. I tend not to be painting unless it's one of those very busy weeks. I wear sloppy clothes and roll about with G and the dog, enjoy walks out in the fresh air and generally eat too much.. I may or not run around doing housework *ahem*.

One recent addition to my weekend is Sale Sunday. On the Facebook page between 10am and 10pm a sales tab appears on the left hand side (not visible on mobile apps, best viewed on a pc or laptop). During the sales you have the opportunity to buy whatever I've selected for that week at a reduced price. Looking at the level of sales during the past few weeks I'd say some people spend Sunday online shopping!

If you have any queries about the Sunday sales do let me know.

So, this weekend it will be walking in the sunshine that WILL appear on demand first thing Saturday morning, probably lunch out and visiting family (don't forget it's Mother's Day folks!), plenty of fun and cuddles with G, some "me" time with Mr Baileys and Mr Galaxy and of course putting together this week's Sale Sunday items!

What will you be doing with your weekend? Whatever it is I hope you have a good one!

Nat x


Nicki Cawood said...

I'm a fan of weekends too. I *sometimes* spend a whole day in PJ's (we all do) and the rest of it can be taken up with anything from the park or days out to the library and crafts indoors.
I also make sure I get an hour or two to watch very cheesy TV :)

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