Thursday, 26 April 2012

Baking, boys and a bargain!

In the past cookery and baking was considered to be something that was just for girls. We are pleased to see that nowadays both girls and boys are regularly enjoying the making of creating something yummy!

Baking is great fun, helps with co-ordination and maths (weighing and measuring) and can be a great way to spend the afternoon on a rainy day, and we have plenty of them at the moment.

Cookery and bakery is most definitely something that the boys are enjoying, just look at how famous male chefs there are, so we have decided to pop some of our popular baking kits on sale for our male kitchen experts!

Usually £7.95 each, our red and green baking kits are currently on sale for just £6.50 each! Why not treat the boys in your kitchen to a swish new baking kit, complete with a cotton bag, wooden spoon, rolling pin, pastry brush, spatula, chopping board, 25 cake cases to get him started and a fantastic personalised wooden star. Our little baker wouldn't be without his!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Organising the children

Children should roll in mud, get grass stains, have pen and paint all over their hands and glitter in their hair. I have always tell when George is having a good time as he is usually up to his eyeballs in something grubby or messy!

Messy children are fine with me, but when it comes to keeping their belongs tidy, that is something different altogether. 

These personalised toy sacks are idea for tidying up at the end of the day or for storing toys that aren't used very often but are too precious to get rid of, such as a teddy bear collection. Made of 100% cotton (so easy to wash!) and measuring approx 40cm x 50cm, at just £6.95, these toy sacks have been very popular!

These lovely personalised drawstring bags are great for pe kits and storing small toys in the home. Available in four different colours, they measuring approx 30cm x 45cm and are just £5.95 each!

Toys and gym kits aside, the one thing that seems to take up a lot of room in our kitchen is George's artwork. Pictures come come home from nursery every day and weekends are often spent scribbling away. This masterpiece plaque means that favourite pictures can be displayed for all to see, and then filed away when new pictures take their place.
Available in blue or pink, complete with the attached hanging peg and measuring approx 15cm x 10cm, these lovely masterpiece plaques cost just £8.95.

There is no need to have a messy play area or clutter from the children around the house with these fresh, pretty and personalised items available!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Special offer updates

We are a busy bunch here at Precious Parcels, we are on Facebook, Twitter, you can read news here (obviously). If you want to be sure that you don't missed out on any of our special offers or exclusive news you need to make sure that you are signed up to our newsletter.

Now we hate spam as much as you do, and there is nothing worse than signing up to receive news from a business than being bombarded with numerous emails a week telling you why you must buy from them immediately (yes. we've had a few of these recently and they all go in the bin!). Here at Precious Parcels we value your privacy so can guarantee that anyone who signs up to the newsletter will only get one email a month and we do not pass your details onto any else.

If you want to receive the Precious Parcels newsletter then just add your details here.
Thanks folks, and don't forget the swing past the Facebook page after 10am tomorrow to take advantage of our Sunday sale. 

The next newsletter will be going out on May 1st!

Friday, 20 April 2012

Dear So and So

Dear So and So...

Dear April
I think we're all a little tired of you now. Do hurry along and take your ridiculous weather conditions with you!
Mrs muddy boots!

Dear May
Don't you DARE follow in Aprils footsteps! Consider yourself warned!!
Kind regards
Her who's ready for some sunshine.

Dear Eastenders
Some people accuse me of taking you a little too serious. As if! If you could just make Ben confess ASAP, give Derek his comeuppance, get Alfie to love Roxy, make Dot quit smoking, give Bianca a break and pleeeease promise me Michael won't leave Janine and the baby!!.... that would be great thank you!!
Her who really doesn't pay attention to soaps. 

Dear Weekend
Don't rush off, take your time, go easy, stick around! 
Nat x

Dear Self
Well done on your second week of a vegan diet. You've done well and you're looking and feeling better for it! 
Oh and, seriously?... Another parking ticket??... Sort yourself out!
Love me x

Dear George n Maggi
You've both made me smile so much this week. You're both getting smarter and more amazing by the day.
Thank you for the life I love.
A very grateful mummy x

Dear readers
Have a great weekend. Do what you love and love what you do. 
Natalie x

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Wedding season

Two wedding invitations have already hit the mat. With the weather being so shocking it's hard to picture sunny wedding days and outdoor receptions but we are halfway through April already and come June, July, August and September there will be many happy brides and grooms tying the knot.

If like us you struggle with wedding presents (no-one wants to buy another toaster to add to the pile) why not choose something personalised and specific to the happy couple?

This gorgeous Mr & Mrs bunting has been very popular and at just £16.95 is a bargain.

These personalised plates make a quirky, modern but timeless gift. Each plate is 23cm in diameter and costs £19.95.

There is a wealth of items on the website suitable for wedding gifts so enjoy having a good browse.

Just don't forget to order your postcards for replying to all of the invitations!

Friday, 13 April 2012

Dear So and So - Friday 13th April

Dear So and So...
Dear Friday 13th
I don't believe in all this superstitious rubbish.
How can a simple date cause ill luck?
I believe you make your own luck!
Love her who is wise
PS There are extra biscuits in the tin if you fancy a nibble and it keeps you sweet, love her who is covering all bases.

Dear Weekend
Dude, where have you been? 
You stay around for four days so we all get used to your company and then you disappear without so much as a goodbye.
Not good!
Her who has been ready for another long weekend since Tuesday.

Dear Maggi
As adorable as you are there is a reason we call you bat ears!
Love her who likes to watch her soaps without dog lugs in the way x

Dear George
Sorry you've had a rough week with being poorly but I'm glad you are better now.
I'm hoping all the extra cuddles helped.
Love Mummy x
(Her who hates seeing her little man ill).

Dear Self
Time to buy some more slippers, the old ones may be comfy but there is only so much guinea pig poo you can clean out.
Her who needs to toilet train Trumpy and Frank.

Dear dog walkers who don't mind their dogs
*insert expletives here*
Love her who IS a responsible dog owner, picks up the poop, and keeps an eye on her dog when out and about.

Dear Readers
You are still here?
Make sure you pop to the Facebook page on Sunday from 10am - 10pm so you don't miss out on our weekly sale!
Natalie x

Thursday, 12 April 2012

April Tarting

I think we can safely say that the April showers have arrived!

This is the time of year that people do their big declutter and clean-up, mainly because they are stuck indoors!

Personally I think April should be renamed "National month of the storage boxes" for everyone who endures the big tidy up.although it is worth it for the feeling you get when you drop that last bag off at the tip and deliver the last box to the charity shop.

Every April a friend of mine does a post-clean-up touch up to her home, moving things about a bit, changing colours by adding new cushions or pictures and just making things look new and fresh. She believes (and I agree) that there is no need to get the paintbrush out and change all the wall colour but that a few new touches can make all the difference. 

For anyone else who likes to tart their home up with new but beautiful things, we have our popular For The Home range which includes:

These lovely handmade spotty padded hearts which measure 8 x 13cm and are just £2.95 each.

These fantastic attractive but also very practical country kitchen hook and peg plaques. Completely personalised and just £9.95 each, they are a popular addition to the home.

And of course, which home would be complete without it's very own Home Sweet Home sign!

This plaque works well in both modern and traditional homes and just looks fantastic.Each plaque is just £7.95 each.

If you are tarting up your home this April while waiting for the sun to reappear, then check out the the rest of our At Home range. 

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The Gallery - At Peace

Maggi, you've been with us for 6 weeks now and I really can't imagine life without you. I promised you when I left you in Spain I'd find you a home I just didn't know at the time it would be in England with me. Best decision I ever made.
I've seen you scared, nervous, lonely, sad and now... at peace.
I promise you no one will ever hurt you again. Love you x

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

New Facebook

It's all about social media nowadays (social media sounds so much better than Facebook obsession doesn't it?!). We've found Facebook a fantastic way of reaching out to new customers, keeping people up to date with new offers and of course *Sale Sunday.

Facebook is great, but of course, just when I've got used to how it works it has changed. I can't complain, after all it is free! After getting over the initial shock of Timeline being added I have now worked my way around it and actually like the new features which make it easier for me to share things with you.

For those still a bit befuddled by the latest changes, let me help you get the most out of our page.

Underneath the cover photo on the Facebook page, where you can see some of our favourite products you will find...

 Photos: This is where you can find extra pictures of the items available on the website and some of the bespoke pieces that have been done.
Join our mailing list: We take privacy very seriously at PP and when you sign up for our newsletter that is all that you get. Packed with news and offers it isn't to be missed.

Invite Friends: A nifty new app for you to easily invite your friends to become our friends (go and give it a go, you know you want to!).
And not visible yet...
Sale Tab: This appears every Sunday between 10am-10pm and is there for you to access the fab savings in our weekend sale.

There you are, the whistle-stop tour of our Precious Precious new-look Facebook page.
Do pop along and say hi x