Thursday, 12 April 2012

April Tarting

I think we can safely say that the April showers have arrived!

This is the time of year that people do their big declutter and clean-up, mainly because they are stuck indoors!

Personally I think April should be renamed "National month of the storage boxes" for everyone who endures the big tidy up.although it is worth it for the feeling you get when you drop that last bag off at the tip and deliver the last box to the charity shop.

Every April a friend of mine does a post-clean-up touch up to her home, moving things about a bit, changing colours by adding new cushions or pictures and just making things look new and fresh. She believes (and I agree) that there is no need to get the paintbrush out and change all the wall colour but that a few new touches can make all the difference. 

For anyone else who likes to tart their home up with new but beautiful things, we have our popular For The Home range which includes:

These lovely handmade spotty padded hearts which measure 8 x 13cm and are just £2.95 each.

These fantastic attractive but also very practical country kitchen hook and peg plaques. Completely personalised and just £9.95 each, they are a popular addition to the home.

And of course, which home would be complete without it's very own Home Sweet Home sign!

This plaque works well in both modern and traditional homes and just looks fantastic.Each plaque is just £7.95 each.

If you are tarting up your home this April while waiting for the sun to reappear, then check out the the rest of our At Home range. 


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