Thursday, 26 April 2012

Baking, boys and a bargain!

In the past cookery and baking was considered to be something that was just for girls. We are pleased to see that nowadays both girls and boys are regularly enjoying the making of creating something yummy!

Baking is great fun, helps with co-ordination and maths (weighing and measuring) and can be a great way to spend the afternoon on a rainy day, and we have plenty of them at the moment.

Cookery and bakery is most definitely something that the boys are enjoying, just look at how famous male chefs there are, so we have decided to pop some of our popular baking kits on sale for our male kitchen experts!

Usually £7.95 each, our red and green baking kits are currently on sale for just £6.50 each! Why not treat the boys in your kitchen to a swish new baking kit, complete with a cotton bag, wooden spoon, rolling pin, pastry brush, spatula, chopping board, 25 cake cases to get him started and a fantastic personalised wooden star. Our little baker wouldn't be without his!


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