Friday, 13 April 2012

Dear So and So - Friday 13th April

Dear So and So...
Dear Friday 13th
I don't believe in all this superstitious rubbish.
How can a simple date cause ill luck?
I believe you make your own luck!
Love her who is wise
PS There are extra biscuits in the tin if you fancy a nibble and it keeps you sweet, love her who is covering all bases.

Dear Weekend
Dude, where have you been? 
You stay around for four days so we all get used to your company and then you disappear without so much as a goodbye.
Not good!
Her who has been ready for another long weekend since Tuesday.

Dear Maggi
As adorable as you are there is a reason we call you bat ears!
Love her who likes to watch her soaps without dog lugs in the way x

Dear George
Sorry you've had a rough week with being poorly but I'm glad you are better now.
I'm hoping all the extra cuddles helped.
Love Mummy x
(Her who hates seeing her little man ill).

Dear Self
Time to buy some more slippers, the old ones may be comfy but there is only so much guinea pig poo you can clean out.
Her who needs to toilet train Trumpy and Frank.

Dear dog walkers who don't mind their dogs
*insert expletives here*
Love her who IS a responsible dog owner, picks up the poop, and keeps an eye on her dog when out and about.

Dear Readers
You are still here?
Make sure you pop to the Facebook page on Sunday from 10am - 10pm so you don't miss out on our weekly sale!
Natalie x


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