Tuesday, 3 April 2012

New Facebook

It's all about social media nowadays (social media sounds so much better than Facebook obsession doesn't it?!). We've found Facebook a fantastic way of reaching out to new customers, keeping people up to date with new offers and of course *Sale Sunday.

Facebook is great, but of course, just when I've got used to how it works it has changed. I can't complain, after all it is free! After getting over the initial shock of Timeline being added I have now worked my way around it and actually like the new features which make it easier for me to share things with you.

For those still a bit befuddled by the latest changes, let me help you get the most out of our page.

Underneath the cover photo on the Facebook page, where you can see some of our favourite products you will find...

 Photos: This is where you can find extra pictures of the items available on the website and some of the bespoke pieces that have been done.
Join our mailing list: We take privacy very seriously at PP and when you sign up for our newsletter that is all that you get. Packed with news and offers it isn't to be missed.

Invite Friends: A nifty new app for you to easily invite your friends to become our friends (go and give it a go, you know you want to!).
And not visible yet...
Sale Tab: This appears every Sunday between 10am-10pm and is there for you to access the fab savings in our weekend sale.

There you are, the whistle-stop tour of our Precious Precious new-look Facebook page.
Do pop along and say hi x


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