Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Organising the children

Children should roll in mud, get grass stains, have pen and paint all over their hands and glitter in their hair. I have always tell when George is having a good time as he is usually up to his eyeballs in something grubby or messy!

Messy children are fine with me, but when it comes to keeping their belongs tidy, that is something different altogether. 

These personalised toy sacks are idea for tidying up at the end of the day or for storing toys that aren't used very often but are too precious to get rid of, such as a teddy bear collection. Made of 100% cotton (so easy to wash!) and measuring approx 40cm x 50cm, at just £6.95, these toy sacks have been very popular!

These lovely personalised drawstring bags are great for pe kits and storing small toys in the home. Available in four different colours, they measuring approx 30cm x 45cm and are just £5.95 each!

Toys and gym kits aside, the one thing that seems to take up a lot of room in our kitchen is George's artwork. Pictures come come home from nursery every day and weekends are often spent scribbling away. This masterpiece plaque means that favourite pictures can be displayed for all to see, and then filed away when new pictures take their place.
Available in blue or pink, complete with the attached hanging peg and measuring approx 15cm x 10cm, these lovely masterpiece plaques cost just £8.95.

There is no need to have a messy play area or clutter from the children around the house with these fresh, pretty and personalised items available!


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