Friday, 4 May 2012

Personalised colours to suit all!

Children have very specific ideas about just about everything (my young man knows exactly what he likes and what he doesn't!). When it comes to decorating a room and making it their own it is great that they can be a part of the decision making process and can often help choose colours.

I have just started on the "Make George's Room A Big Boys Room" mission and George has chosen green. he loves it because it is his and he has had a hand in it (I'm quite pleased with it too). Next up will be new GEORGE giant letters in green (or maybe Dino?)

See the website for more combinations and price information.

The giant letters have been very popular and not least because they come in a wide variety of colours to suit individual characters and rooms. For those who are too young to choose Mum & Dad have much more than the usual blue and pink available to use to personalise a room.

These giant letters can be used for names or indeed any wording. They are approximately 20cm high and start at just £4.95 per letter. Whether the younger family members are choosing or whether you are in charge, you now have the choice of colours to create exactly what you want.


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