Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Outdoor Arty Fun

Now that the summer seems to have decided to grace us with it's presence (here's hoping it decides to say!),  we can enjoy spending time outside.

All kids love art and craft, be it sticking, painting or making. At this time of the year it can be great to move the art and craft fun outside. Here are a few things that we have done outside during the fab weather.

Grass Art
Take one large sheet of paper and weigh down with stones in the corners. Enjoy collecting different lengths of grasses and leaves and use them to make a fantastic grass picture. You can make a car with grass, an animal out of grass or a picture of the family, all made out of grass. Use PVA or stick glue to stick the picture down.
This isn't really one for a breezy day!

Painting Stones
Find some smooth flat stones and enjoy painting them in the sun. These could have names, faces, pictures or signs on them. They make great keepsakes and look great as paperweights or even doorstops!

Painting The Fence
Don't get excited, we are not advocating child labour (the kids wouldn't be able to stain the top of the fence anyway). Take a bucket, fill it with water and throw in some paintbrushes in a variety of sizes. The kids can then paint the fence or shed walls in wacky designs, make faces and experiment with brush strokes. This appeals to all ages but is particularly good for younger kids. The beauty of this idea is that it is clean craft and the painting will dry away as if by magic.

We love outdoor art and craft and if we could get away with putting our Precious Parcels orders together outside we would. The flies that insist on landing on the paint make it a tad difficult though! If you have outdoor art ideas, do share. 


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