Friday, 6 July 2012

The C Word

Yes, sorry folks, but it really is time to start thinking about Christmas. This glorious (splutter) summer will soon be over and before you know it Autumn / Winter will here, along with the mad dash for Christmas presents. 

The state of the economy as a whole at the moment has escaped few and we are all being more careful with our budget. As a result people are choosing to spread their Christmas shopping throughout the year to avoid the financial sting that comes with doing it all at once.

At Precious Parcels we have found ourselves making Christmas decorations and accessories as early as January! This year the personalised Christmas plates (£19.95) have been very popular, as has the gingham NOEL bunting (£16.95).

For more Christmas accessories visit the website.

The number of Xmas gifts that we produce throughout the year is astonishing. Firm favourites include the personalised clocks which retail at £12.95 , any of the wall and door plaques and the baking kits which cost just £7.95.

There are many more Christmas themed items and gift items available on the website so why not enjoy a brew, have a good nosy and start chipping away at the Christmas list now.


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