Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Double the Delight With Twins!

A new arrival is always a blessing and two at once, well that is a double blessing (if you ignore the tandem nappy changing).
We have had a deluge recently of enquiries and orders concerning twins, and even a few sets of triplets which we always love to receive. The enquiries come from friends and family of the new arrival, asking for gift  recommendations that suit twins,which are  not always the easiest gifts to find.

Our answer is to look at our hanging hearts.

As these are handmade and personalised they are perfect for adapting for multiples! Many choose to put the name of one twin at the top and the other at the bottom with their date of birth in the middle. For mixed genders the yellow hearts look better than the blue or pink and all fits fantastically into any nursery.

Working alongside the same lines are these gorgeous stars, again available in different colours and personalised to fit the unique new family. At just £7.95 for each of these fabulous hanging gifts you can be sure to be able to find something special at an affordable price.

Often when buying for new arrivals other siblings are included, particularly if they are younger. These Sister plaques make any little girl feel proud to be a big sister and our gingham plaques in blue make fabulous new brother gifts. 

Whether there is one new arrival, two new arrivals or even more, you can be sure to find an affordable, personalised and lovely looking gift for the new additions and their siblings at Precious Parcels.


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