Monday, 20 August 2012

Telling the Time

August is racing by and the new school year is approaching. My own big boy starts school (how will I cope?!) in September and I can't wait to hear about the things he will be learning.

Telling the time is an important skill and one that is taught fairly early in school I'm told. George already knows the "hours" and before I know it I'll no longer be able to fib to him about what time it is to get him to bed / out of the door!

Learning to tell the time is an adventure which gives a young person more control over the day, and what better way to practice this at home than with your own special clock. I'm not a teacher but I am a Mum, and I know George is going to learn something easier if he is interested in it and finds it fun. He loves his "George" clock and pointing out the numbers.

We have a whole range of personalised clocks in a number of colours so there is something to capture everyone's imagination. For more information on our much loved clocks which retail at just £12.95 and have a variety of shapes from trains to butterflies, visit the website.


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