Friday, 28 September 2012

Back to School & the Parties Begin

My dear friend Nicki, within two days of taking her eldest back to school received no fewer than three birthday party invitations. George has just started school and although we haven't had any yet  Nicki has warned me they are coming, and they will come en-masse. Nicki's problem is not the actual party itself but finding something suitable for the present.

Apparently present buying for class mates can be something of a nightmare. Not every child that invites her son is well known by her so she has no idea what current fad he or she is into. On top of that all of the usual full-proof ideas (Lego, games) can be a minefield in themselves as you don't know what the child already has.

Fortunately for Nicki, and other parents, we can help. Our baking kits are fully personalised, made to last (no plastic rubbish here) and it is very unlikely to be a duplicate gift. Each kit contains a cotton bag with cupcake design (21cm x 26cm), a rolling pin, wooden spoon, pastry brush, spatula, chopping board, 25 cake cases and of course, a personalised star. Available in 4 different colours and priced at just £7.95 these kits make an ideal birthday party gift which won't break the bank.

The only question that remains is.... will I get away with giving these to George's new school friends too, seeing as I've made them??


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