Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Christmas Music

The one thing that keeps us going on the run up to Christmas which is a naturally manic period for handmade gifts and treats is music. All year we have the radio on but of course once December hits the Christmas music will be on.

We have to have a bit of Shakin' Stevens....


And during the busiest period when I always get a stonking cold....

Merry Christmas my A** !

What Christmas music do you love and helps you get into the Xmas spirit?

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Christmas Craft Favourites

This time of year is fabulous for crafty fun with the kids. The cold, wet and windy weather can make trips to the park less appealing and of course who doesn't enjoy an afternoon inside digging through the art box? We are reaching the end of November which means that before you know it we will be into December and the Christmas activities will have begun!

We all have our Christmas craft favourites. Every year we make snowflakes (folding paper, cutting in and when finished blasting with far too much glitter), Christmas crackers (empty loo roll tube, crepe paper and ribbons) which we either fill with chocolate or use as decorations and of course there will be a snowman made of paper plates and assorted bits and pieces from the art box.

This will be George's first Christmas at the "Big School" and I've been informed from the other parents that he will be enjoying crafts galore in the run up to the end of term therefore I'm guessing I'm going to have to really step up my game in terms of interesting ideas!

This is (hopefully) where you all come in! What do you love making with your little ones each year? Have you maybe spotted something new that you are dying to try out this time around? I will of course shamelessly pinch any ideas I can get away with and pass them off as my own to George (just so you know).

We love Christmas, we love crafts and we can't wait to break out the festive glitter and get started!

Friday, 16 November 2012

New Cards!

For all of you super organised people and stationery lovers we've added some extra cards to our stationery range. 

All of our cards are £1.95 (the postcards are 95p) and have been very popular since they were introduced a couple of years ago. Each card is printed on quality 300gsm card and comes complete with an envelope that compliments the design of the card. 
As each card is blank you are able to write your own special message.

New designs now available:

These cards are perfect add-ons to your order or may be bought individually. 
Why not brighten the season with these great fun and stylish cards?!

Monday, 12 November 2012

Special Offer! (Today Only)

George and I have had a fantastic weekend! We've visited friends, been bowling, been out in the fresh air with Maggi - it really has been a cracker. This means I've started the new week in a fantastic mood so thought I'd share some of it by popping on a few special offers (oh, and our Twitter account hit 3000 followers so we are celebrating that too!).

For today only, these kid's room plaques with gingham ribbon which are available in four lovely colours have been reduced from £6.95 to £4.95! This is a perfect time to stock up for Christmas presents, birthday gifts or for treating your little ones.

Also on special offer today are our Spotty Plaques!
Handpainted with white spots, personalised to your requirements and available in 8 different colours these popular plaques have been reduced from £5.95 to £3.95.

As before, these are only on a special offer today so snap them up while you can and don't forget to tell your family and friends.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Christmas Order Cut-Off Deadline

It looks like many people this year have started their Christmas shopping early seeing as we've been taking orders for festive gifts and treats since the beginning of September! As you know, our handmade and personalised items take slightly longer to make than an off the shelf item therefore we've set our cut off deadline this year as Sunday 9th December at 5pm. Orders made before this time are guaranteed to be dispatched in time for Christmas. 

Don't miss out! Have a browse on the website and view our range of Christmas items as well as our gifts  and get those orders in before the deadline!

Monday, 5 November 2012

New! Personalised Hessian Santa Sacks

We always get excited whenever we get the opportunity to add something new to the website and these new Personalised Hessian Santa Sacks are just beyond fabulous. Available in two sizes and starting from £12.95 these can be reused year after year. As you can see the sacks are printed with "Love from Santa x" and the personalised wooden stars come tied with festive red ribbon. 

We have a large range of Christmas items available and expect this new addition to be just as popular. They have already created quite the buzz on Facebook, what do you think of them?

Friday, 2 November 2012

Bonfire Night Safety

Bonfire night can be great fun. The excitement, the colours and the big bangs, whistles and pops all add to the experience for the little ones. Do make sure the  excitement lasts by ensuring that your family and pets are safe and well this Bonfire Night.

Sparklers get incredibly hot and although they are very pretty should be handled with respect. Ensure that children wear gloves when holding a sparkler, that they understand the need to hold them at arms length and not wave them around near others. As soon as a sparkler goes out the hot end needs to be dropped into a bucket of water. Even though it has extinguished it will still be incredibly hot.

Obviously children need to stay well away from the fireworks. At an official display bonfires and firework areas will be cordoned off so respect these boundaries. At home children and pets should be kept at a safe distance. If lighting fireworks yourself do so at arms length with a taper then get back. Don't return to a firework once lit even if it appears to have gone out, it could very easily go up in your face. 

Pet Protection
Few pets enjoy Bonfire night. Each pet owner knows their own animal best when it comes to dealing with events like these however things to consider are to keep them inside and away from windows, and perhaps set up somewhere more soundproof with a bed and favourite toys, such as a cupboard that they can retreat to if they so wish. Putting the TV or radio on to muffle sudden bangs and whistles may be a good idea.

Have a great time whatever you do this Bonfire Night but please stay safe and warm x