Friday, 2 November 2012

Bonfire Night Safety

Bonfire night can be great fun. The excitement, the colours and the big bangs, whistles and pops all add to the experience for the little ones. Do make sure the  excitement lasts by ensuring that your family and pets are safe and well this Bonfire Night.

Sparklers get incredibly hot and although they are very pretty should be handled with respect. Ensure that children wear gloves when holding a sparkler, that they understand the need to hold them at arms length and not wave them around near others. As soon as a sparkler goes out the hot end needs to be dropped into a bucket of water. Even though it has extinguished it will still be incredibly hot.

Obviously children need to stay well away from the fireworks. At an official display bonfires and firework areas will be cordoned off so respect these boundaries. At home children and pets should be kept at a safe distance. If lighting fireworks yourself do so at arms length with a taper then get back. Don't return to a firework once lit even if it appears to have gone out, it could very easily go up in your face. 

Pet Protection
Few pets enjoy Bonfire night. Each pet owner knows their own animal best when it comes to dealing with events like these however things to consider are to keep them inside and away from windows, and perhaps set up somewhere more soundproof with a bed and favourite toys, such as a cupboard that they can retreat to if they so wish. Putting the TV or radio on to muffle sudden bangs and whistles may be a good idea.

Have a great time whatever you do this Bonfire Night but please stay safe and warm x


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