Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Christmas Craft Favourites

This time of year is fabulous for crafty fun with the kids. The cold, wet and windy weather can make trips to the park less appealing and of course who doesn't enjoy an afternoon inside digging through the art box? We are reaching the end of November which means that before you know it we will be into December and the Christmas activities will have begun!

We all have our Christmas craft favourites. Every year we make snowflakes (folding paper, cutting in and when finished blasting with far too much glitter), Christmas crackers (empty loo roll tube, crepe paper and ribbons) which we either fill with chocolate or use as decorations and of course there will be a snowman made of paper plates and assorted bits and pieces from the art box.

This will be George's first Christmas at the "Big School" and I've been informed from the other parents that he will be enjoying crafts galore in the run up to the end of term therefore I'm guessing I'm going to have to really step up my game in terms of interesting ideas!

This is (hopefully) where you all come in! What do you love making with your little ones each year? Have you maybe spotted something new that you are dying to try out this time around? I will of course shamelessly pinch any ideas I can get away with and pass them off as my own to George (just so you know).

We love Christmas, we love crafts and we can't wait to break out the festive glitter and get started!


Unknown said...

I love Christmas crafts! I can't wait to get started either :-). Im a new follower, hope you can come check out my blog soon too ;-)

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