Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Cosy Cushions

It doesn't look as if anywhere has completely escaped the snow and for many, now that the novelty has worn off, the cold and inconvenience is starting to grate on people (have a nosy on Facebook or Twitter!). 

When I'm cold I love a roaring fire, Baileys and cuddling up. As the former two aren't really child friendly I thought today's post should be dedicated to some truly lovely and personalised cuddly cushions.

These personalised gingham cushions are exclusive to Precious Parcels. Each cushion is handmade, comes ready filled using top quality polyester wadding and measures 35cm x 35cm.
Available in a variety of designs and costing £18.95, these lovely cosy cushions are fantastic for children (and parents) of all ages,

*As these are painstakingly made by hand to ensure a quality finished item they may take 14-21 days to arrive.


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