Wednesday, 9 January 2013

My Get Up and Go Had Got Up and Gone!

It is now 2013, the New Year has begun and... now what?

Most of us have plans, I certainly do as having moved house and business premises between Xmas and New Year I have lots to get sorted. I have a shiny new work bench...

The office is well on the way to being completely organised...

And I'm shattered! 

By 4pm I'm already craving a long hot soak and a cheeky class of Baileys (maybe it's the dark mornings and dark afternoons that are starting to drag?) but I need to find some motivation somewhere, but where? 

Work-wise I'm fine, I love putting paint to plaque, putting together clocks and writing the special personalised messages that people choose however if I'm going to work AND get everything done with the house I need something to give me a kick!

What do you find motivating when your body screams "crawl into bed"? What is it that gets you moving and motivated when you have a huge to do list? I have George's new room to get properly sorted, a gorgeous new dog called Haribo arriving tomorrow, the odd box here and there lurking and still needing unpacking and could use your advice!

What gets your blood pumping?


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