Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Snow Day Activities

The white stuff is showing no signs of disappearing here and it is still very cold! While the snow is great fun for walking in, building snowmen, forts, throwing yourself on the ground to make snow angels (obviously being a grown up I didn't do this when out with George walking the dogs the other day - ahem!) and of course enjoying snowball fights!

As much fun as snow is it can be nice to get back inside and enjoy some cosy fun instead. This is our snow day master fun list, can you add anything?

  • Have a competition to see who can decorate their hot chocolate best with whipped (squirty) cream, marshmallows, chocolate buttons and Maltesers.
  • Use left over marshmallows to build sticky snowmen.
  • Use paper plates and bits and pieces from the craft box to make a snowman (or snowgirl!) that won't melt.
  • Bake yummy biscuits, cakes and eat them in front of a DVD under a blanket while surrounded by cushions.
  • Play snow games (like catch the snowflakes) on the computer.
  • Dance like a wild thing (it keeps you warm and is great fun).
  • Make a collages from printed off photos.
  • Have another hot chocolate, because it is still cold outside!

What are your favourite cold / snow day activities for indoor fun?

Playing in the snow can be great fun but sometimes we enjoy something just a little warmer!


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