Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Winter Baking Fun

If you are on Facebook the chances are you will have been bombarded with "It's snowing!!" messages left, right and centre for the past twenty-four hours. Here in Nottingham we have had quite a bit of the fluffy stuff and while it is great fun for playing in, it doesn't do much to warm the bones!

At this time of year, when the temperatures have dropped and it is bitter outside one of our favourite indoors activities is baking. George loves playing chef and I love testing his baking so it is a perfect way for both of us to spend an afternoon. We've found a great range of kids' baking recipes here on the BBC Food website (you must try the mint choc chip brownies!) and George has been happy to grab his baking kit and get stuck in.

Our baking kits have everything you need to get cracking with the cheese scones or fairy cakes and is a great gift  for the mini baker. Available in four fab colours each kit contains a rolling pin, wooden spoon, pastry brush, spatula chopping board and 25 cake cases all in a gorgeous cotton bag with a cupcake design and adorned with a personalised wooden star.

At just £7.95 these are a bargain and look great so are perfect for your own baker and maker or to give as a gift.

We love baking (and testing) here at PP headquarters, do you? We would love to hear your favourite recipes.


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