Friday, 1 February 2013

The Weekend

This week we finally had our phone line installed and internet sorted /activated (we moved at the end of December!). Needless to say this week has been completely nuts as not only have we had the usual quota of work we have been catching up the 101 things that you need the pc for. MANIC!

Thankfully though it is very nearly the weekend. We have dog walks with Maggi and Haribo to look forward to (our two adopted Spanish dogs), visiting, bowling, shopping, and large amounts of food ready and waiting to be consumed (while wearing PJs mostly). All good clean fun which will *hopefully* recharge the batteries ready for Monday and another week. 

A question for you all... what do you do on a weekend to unwind? Some people I know play sports or go running, some enjoy the couch potato weekend, the cinema is high on the list for many too. What is your ideal weekend (no catching up on washing or housework allowed!)?


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