Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Clocks Clocks and More Clock

At the end of the month the clocks change (I haven't yet worked out whether they go forward an hour or back however am sure checking Facebook nearer the time will put me right). Considering we have had snow every month since October, yes six months of snow in varying degrees, it is hard to believe that we are approaching lighter nights and in theory warmer spring-like weather. 

While on the subject of time, have you new readers seen our clock range? The clocks are so popular and one of my favourite items on the website. Being personalised they work brilliantly in any bedroom, nursery or playroom.

These are just a few of the clock designs and personalisations that we can offer so make sure that you visit our clock page to find out more. At just £14.95 each for a lovingly handmade clock which your child would be delighted with, these are just perfect.

Now, which way do the clocks turn this time.....?


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