Thursday, 14 March 2013


When rifling through the post this week, ignoring the ones marked Bill (we don't have anyone called Bill here?!) and recycling the junk mail we came across a pretty blue envelope which clearly contained a card. It took a minute to mentally check that I hadn't forgotten my own birthday or similar and yet this was an even more lovely surprise.

One of our customers had sent us a thank you card! I can't tell you how much that touched us all. We are supremely thankful that people choose Precious Parcels over other gift website choices so to receive an order AND a thank you was great. How our customers rate our service is important and we love it when people take time to leave us a note on our guest book page.

Mrs D wanted to thank us for producing two "beautiful" personalised plaques at the last minute for her twin nieces and was clearly pleased with her order.

Feeling all happy and shiny this week having received this lovely mail we just want to say a quick but heartfelt  thank you to all of our customers and supporters. Every thank you, share, like and of course order means so much to us. 

Nat x



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