Monday, 22 April 2013

It is Spring (no really it is!)

We've had some false starts, actually we've had quite a few false starts but I have it on good authority that Spring has arrived (George said so and anyone with a five year old will know that they are never wrong).
There are other signs such as the birds tweeting beautifully from 4.30am outside my window which is clearly where they've chosen to make a nest, the daffodils that have cautiously bloomed now it seems the snow and frost has disappeared and of course the blossom is out.

Not only does this mean that we could be on our way to Summer (stop laughing!), it also means that garden maintenance needs to start and start fast. We love gardening together and G still uses the gardening kit I gave him when we first started to sell them. Working side by side to pull the weeds and plant new bits and pieces is great fun and despite us ending up covered in mud we always enjoy our gardening sessions.

We are clearly not the only ones keen to get back in the garden as sales of the gardening kits have jumped. 

For just £7.95 each kit contains a trowel, fork, rake (solid tools - none of this plastic rubbish which breaks in five minutes), a personalised star and a brilliantly designed bag to keep everything in.
Have a look at the different colour options and more images here.

Hopefully the weather will stay warm enough for us to keep digging as we still have a small mountain of weeds to tackle and they won't sort themselves out!


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