Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Fun and Fruity Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

I am an optimist and as such am convinced that although spring was very late and has been a very mild one to say the least that summer is just around the corner and will be a zinger this year. There will be blue clouds, grass dry enough for you to sit on without the risk of sinking into mud and sun warm enough to allow us to take off our four layers of clothing and wear summer garb.
It will happen, I am determined!

When it does we plan on christening our new-ish garden with a barbecue. Every barbecue needs a good beverage however as I will be in charge of the tongs, numerous animals and George I've been researching some fruity non-alcoholic cocktails that George and I can make together. Here are our two favourites which we've doctored to suit our own needs.

IMPORTANT: No cocktail is complete without an umbrella and a twisty straw.

The Banana Margarita

For this recipe you will need:

3 peeled bananas,
Ice cubes

A freshly squeezed lime
Sugar to taste (we add it to taste until we are happy depending on how much of a sugar high is required)
450ml fresh milk

This recipe couldn't be easier as it is a chop and whizz-up job. Our smoothie whizzer doesn't really like ice cubes so we add these at the end however if you have a fancy machine I would blend it all together. The lime and banana works really well together surprisingly.
This is a drink for enjoying straight away as it needs to be enjoyed icy cold and is not as yummy if left.

Tropical Cooler

Fresh pineapple (cut into chunks)
1 tablespoon of honey
Coconut milk
flaked coconut or almond essence.
Ice cubes

This is another chop and blend cocktail which is absolutely delicious. I've deliberately not given you amount for the pineapple and coconut milk as this is very much a trial and error recipe according to your own tastes. I would suggest whizzing the pineapple and other ingredients first and then adding the coconut milk gradually until you have the volume and taste that you want.

These are tried, tested and delicious.
Do you have any fresh fruity non-alcoholic cocktail recipes to share?


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