Thursday, 9 May 2013

Kissing Boys and Girls Makes Your Teeth Fall Out

Did you ever get told that when you were younger? I always thought these saying were daft until I had George and now this one is right up there with "If you don't eat your crusts your hair will go curly" and "If the wind changes you'll stay like that!". Oh how things change.....

I love the age that G is at right now and I have no doubt that he will soon be robbing me (*cough* the tooth fairy) blind very soon. As hilarious as a child with his or two top teeth missing is, or as cute as that little lisp is while we wait for new teeth to emerge no-one should forget the importance of the tooth fairy ceremony and of course the rules.

1) The tooth fairy doesn't work weekends (this covers you if you don't have any change and really want to have a PJ weekend).
2) The tooth fairy's current rates are £1 per tooth, no negotiations are permitted.
3) The tooth fairy will not swap teeth for coins if the child losing the tooth has been naughty.
4) The tooth fairy will not swap teeth for coins if the bedroom is such a mess that she can't get to it.
5) Teeth swallowed will not be collected by the tooth fairy so there is no need for parents to go looking for them when they reappear. A letter of explanation in cases like these will suffice.
6) The tooth fairy is a classy broad and does not accept scrubby envelopes with teeth in. Parents who don't want her to "have words" about them to the Easter Bunny and Santa will leave the teeth in a suitable place as per the importance of the ceremony dictates.

Fortunately we do have some fabulous tooth cushions that Nanny Plum, err I mean Mrs Rabbit from Peppa Pig, err I mean the Tooth Fairy will no doubt approve of.

These brilliant 10cm x 10cm cushions which are personalised are bound to do the trick.

I have to ask (I'm taking notes for future reference), what rules, regs and traditions do you have regarding lost teeth?


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